Recommended Audience

Businesses and professional organizations




A 60 minute multi-media presentation delivered by one certified Rachel's Challenge presenter at your site.

Program Description

The inspiring story of Rachel Scott whose example of kindness and acceptance was brought to light when she became the first victim in the Columbine High School tragedy. Conveyed through stories from Rachel's life and writings, this keynote address shows the profound positive impact we can have on those around us. The presentation demonstrates to the listener the power of deliberately reaching out in word and action to others to start what Rachel called "a chain reaction of kindness and compassion." It encourages participants to examine their own lives in the light of the following 5 challenges.


  • Look for the Best in Others
  • Continue to Dream
  • Be a Positive Influence
  • Speak and Act with Kindness
  • Start your own Chain Reaction


Rachel's Challenge motivates each individual to consider where they are personally in relation to the five challenges. It also prompts the listener to reflect on their relationship with and impact on the people around them. Additionally, Rachel’s Challenge renews the participants hope that their life has purpose through service to others. Rachel's story gives participants permission to start their own chain reaction of kindness and compassion, which positively affects the climate in their school or organization. Provides the foundation upon which to build a community of caring that leads to happier employees and a better bottom-line. Note: This keynote address can be followed by 3 hours of education and training designed to move the emotion and concepts in Rachel's story into an actionable plan to sustain or improve the culture of the organization.


Awaken the Workplace

Passion, Purpose & Productivity is the award winning business staff training program designed to implement life changing Rachel's Challenge principles into the business environment and community. It is based on the premise that employees and management personnel will be more productive when they discover their personal passion for fulfilling their purpose in all of their life endeavors.

The program has resulted in national awards for Belo Corp. and Amoco Credit Unions.The presentation starts with the one and a half hour story of Rachel Scott who was the first student killed at Columbine High School in 1999. Her story that has now been presented to more than 18 million people has transformed businesses, schools and communities with a simple but profound message of starting a chain reaction of kindness and compassion. Your employees will be captivated by the story of a 17 year old girl whose small acts of kindness and compassion forever changed the lives of those she touched. Rachel's story, set against the backdrop of the Columbine tragedy, is one that produces an intensely personal, reflective experience; an awakening of the innate desire for to discover one's purpose; a desire for positive change; and the passion to take immediate action. The program has resulted in national awards for participating companies including Belo Corp. and Amoco Credit Unions. Other notable companies that have experienced the program include BNSF Railroads and Southwest Airlines.

With the goal of a positive transformation of your workplace culture, the Awaken event provides a two hour interactive training for all employees customized to start a chain reaction of kindness and compassion throughout your organization. It includes discussion topics and activities entitled:

  • Be a "see-througher" not a "look-atter"
  • If you really knew me...
  • The Power of Positive Gossip
  • The Space In Between

There is also an optional three hour session for supervisors and senior management to create strategies for implementation and sustaining the principles discovered in the all employee Awaken activities. That session is led by one of Rachel's Challenge senior executive trainers.

All profit from the Awaken programs goes to further the mission of Rachel's Challenge.

Please contact your Rachel's Challenge representative for more information or to schedule your business' program.

Adult Chain Reaction

Program Name

Chain Reaction – Adult

Recommended Audience

Adults 18 years and up


Rachel's Challenge prior to, or incorporated into, this program.


6 hours, including break for lunch, in a dedicated space where participants won’t be interrupted. Training is presented by two certified Rachel's Challenge presenters. Some program support materials will be provided by the host.

Program Description

Chain Reaction is a six-hour, intensive, interactive training that consists of:

  1. Teaching and processing segments
  2. Physical activities
  3. Full- and small-group sharing

Chain Reaction includes a cross section of your organization's population represented by 80-125 adults, one-quarter who will be small group leaders. It is designed to promote personal introspection, understanding of others, community building and empowerment. This is accomplished by focusing on the following themes:


  1. Our Words Have Power – To Hurt or Heal
  2. Hugs – Appropriate Touch
  3. Take Off your Mask – Be Who You Really Are
  4. You are Not Alone – We All Have Shared Experiences
  5. Today is YOUR Chain Reaction Moment


Participants understand their personal identity, power and uniqueness. They learn that they are not personally defined by their circumstances and experiences. Participants also come to understand that despite their personal uniqueness they share experiences with many others in the room. Barriers among the participants are broken down by the realization that through these shared experiences they are not alone.