A new FOR Club opportunity!

Occasionally, we come across another organization whose mission and message line up perfectly with our own.  This is the case with Day Without Hate.  Day Without Hate is a student led, grassroots organization that promotes non-violence, unity, and respect in our schools.  It is one of those strategies that help promote connection and safety.

Held on the last Friday of April, Day Without Hate brings your students, along with other students around the country, together to show the world that when we focus on forgiving the past and accepting the future; when we unite with other students and disregard all our differences; we are experiencing how to be part of something bigger than ourselves and showing that the power of love is stronger than hate.  Just like Rachel’s Challenge encourages people to be “candle lighters, not just darkness fighters”, Day Without Hate makes the powerful statement that we are not just anti-violence, but we are pro-peace.

This year Rachel’s Challenge is partnering with Day Without Hate and promoting it as a great project for your Friends of Rachel Club.  Day Without Hate has done a great job of doing a lot of the work so the project itself is an executable, turn-key project.  It is a very “doable” and gives the FOR Club, and entire campus something to work toward throughout the school-year to help keep the Rachel’s Challenge momentum going.  Some schools are also combining Day Without Hate with their year-end Rachel’s Rally to recognize and celebrate the year’s accomplishments.

Click on the button below to download the Day Without Hate handbook.  It  tells you about their organization, the project itself with a scope and sequence timetable, and gives you everything you need to help your students put on their own Day Without Hate.