How a heart can leave a legacy

The "Hands Wall" at Royalton Hartland Middle School in New York shares about how they honor students who have died with a red heart in the middle of their hand.  Watch a video from one family whose daughter was one of the first students to add her hand to wall and the legacy she left behind that started her own chain reaction.  Also, watch a video from the principal who shares his response to all the hearts in hands.

As one walks down the halls of this school, the few hearts that are on the wall command attention and make a person wonder about the short lived life represented by the hand on the wall.   The Art Teacher from Royalton Hartland Middle School, Brad Scott, says, "I wish we never had to make one (heart).  But it's just another remider that we're here and we might lose people along the way but particpating in an art project like this is so meaningful."

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