How to spread "positive gossip" using social media

Two FOR Club students at a middle school in California wanted to spread "positive gossip" in their school by using social media.  So with the oversight of their FOR Club advisor they anonymously created a school Instagram Compliments page and regularly posted compliments to the students in their school.  This on-going small acts of kindness influenced the culture in their school.  Watch the videos to learn about how to create your own school Instagram Compliments page.


Allison and Alexa, the two original creators of their school's Instagram Compliments page share 10 steps in how to create your own school's Instagram Compliments page.

Step One: Be passionate about making this page to positively impact others!
Step Two: Find a co-owner that is responsible and just as passionate about making others happy.  Determine if you want to be anonymous or not. (We strongly recommend to keep it anonymous.) 
Step Three: Create an Instagram account using your school's name.  Make it private for the safety of the students.
Step Four: Start following students that attend your school, and accept follow requests. 
Step Five: To find followers go through your personal followers' lists and follow all the people from your school and look on their accounts for anymore students who attend your school. Check if your school has a school leadership page and check the followers (most likely it will be kids from your school) 
Step Six: In the caption in Instagram, inform your followers what the account is about and how it works. 
Step Seven:  Post your first Instagram picture. You can have students direct message you pictures and then can compliment them, or you can have them like a certain photo to get a compliment.
Step Eight: Post your compliments with the hashtags #rachelschallenge and #chainreaction and make a hashtag for your school.
Step Nine:  Be consistent and post throughout the entire school year.
Step Ten: Have fun with the account!  You're not limited to compliments, you can post positive quotes and school reminders.

Watch the video below to learn how to make the Instagram Compliments page successful.

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