How one school started a chain reaction at other local schools

Jason Appel and Andrea Correia, the Math Teachers and Chain Reaction Club Advisors from Barrington High School in Rhode Island, submitted the content for this recent Day Without Hate event held at their school. "In preparation for this event, we visited each school in our district, three K-3 elementaries, a 4-5, our middle school, and of course our high school." Read more about this "chain reaction" event.


How one school reaffirmed their commitment to kindness with a unity assembly

During a Unity Assembly at Mexico High School (in New York) students and district staff members came together to both honor lives lost and reaffirm their commitment to kindness. On the heels of the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Mexico High School student council members worked with administrators to bring the school district together in a strong show of support.

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How to show kindness through multiple "Appreciation Days"

Showing appreciation is a very simple way of expressing kindness. One school in Conneticut expresses their kindness with multiple appreciation days for different staff members at their school. Sharon Wade, at Turn of River Middle School, shared with Rachel's Challenge exactly what her FOR Club does to express kindness to various staff members. Learn the simple steps of how to have multiple appreciation days in your school.


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How to spread "positive gossip" using social media

Two FOR Club students at a middle school in California wanted to spread "positive gossip" in their school by using social media. So with the oversight of their FOR Club advisor they anonymously created a school Instagram Compliments page and regularly posted compliments to the students in their school. This on-going small acts of kindness influenced the culture in their school. Watch the videos to learn about how to create your own school Instagram Compliments page.


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