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How one FOR Club partnered with a local charity to serve their community

Recently, Rachel's Challenge was at First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School in Pennsylvania doing it's Challenge presentation and FOR Club training. The students were very inspired after the presentation and FOR Club training. Many of them came to school on their day off to launch their very first FOR Club project. Watch the video and read the email below that we received from Liza Meiris, the Student Activities Chair at First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School.


How to unify the whole school to sponsor a FOR Club project

We recently received this inspirational FOR Club project idea from Kay Frank, a School Counselor, at Surline Middle School in Michigan. Read how this middle school came together to help another middle school in need, and in perfect timing.

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How to use sticky notes to spread kindness in your school

When Rachel's Challenge was visiting a high school in New York, the Friends of Rachel Club Advisor and Social Worker, Christopher Babb, shared an easy yet effective project their club has been doing for the last 7-8 years. As he described it, we thought it was an easy project to document and share with other FOR Clubs. Watch the video below and learn how one student, Jessica, describes how this simple project has made a difference in her school.