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The Most Extensive Program for Creating Positive School Cultures, Ending Bullying and School Violence, and Improving Youth Mental Health.

We know that hope is the antidote to fear. We know that kindness is contagious, that compassion connects us, that empathy can end isolation. We teach these positive tools and skills to address the causes of school violence and self-harm directly at the source: we don’t treat the symptoms, we cure the disease.

Our Impact

Our Approach Is Positive

We are a proactive, preventative intervention for bullying, school violence, and self-harm with a focus on creating connections and inspiring hope. Our pro-kindness programs are proven to create better school cultures, leading to safer schools and emotionally resilient students.

Students, Educators, Parents trained
Lives saved annually
School shootings averted
Students, Educators, Parents trained
Lives saved annually
School shootings averted

You Can Make a Difference

There is no minimum donation, anything helps. We are able to bring life-saving Rachel’s Challenge programs to students for as little as $5 per student.

Rachel’s Challenge is a top-rated, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Any contribution is 100% tax deductible.

How We Do It

Isolation Is the Problem. Connection Is the Solution.

In 2021, the U.S. Surgeon General’s Office declared a State of Emergency in youth mental health. In 2023, the OSG added the designation, “Epidemic of Loneliness” among youth – a term previously only applied to the elderly.

Many negative behaviors are linked to isolation. Extensive research has shown that Connectedness – or, human connection – is the only proven way to address these issues proactively.

Our effective anti-bullying, anti-violence and anti-self-harm programs work because we aren’t “anti-” anything or anyone. We are PRO kindness, and support leading through positive action.

We use proven behavioral tools to model Compassion and Empathy, with evidence-based programs based on neuroscience.

We build positive life skills like Hope and Connection: the antidote to fear, loneliness, and isolation.

Did You Know?

Rachel’s Challenge is responsible for a 3% reduction in the national teen suicide rate annually, on average.
Rachel’s Challenge is seen by less than 1% of U.S. schools per year.

IMAGINE the impact we could have if we could reach 5% of schools.

Or 25% Or 50%

The sooner we can expand our reach, the more lives we can save.

We Need Your Help

No school should be turned away due to cost.
100% of your donations go to delivering our programs in schools.

Spread the Word

Why Support Rachel’s Challenge?

We Address Root Causes, in a Positive Way

We are not “ANTI-” anything or anyone; we are PRO kindness. We inspire hope and advocate for positive actions that make a difference. We diffuse prejudice and hate, replacing it with respect and dignity.

We Are a Non-political, Non-religious Organization Focused On a Cure

There are many issues surrounding school violence and school shootings. There are plenty of orgs on all sides – but there is only one Rachel’s Challenge. Our approach is unique, and it addresses root causes.

Make a Real Difference

We have a 25-year proven history of effectiveness. We are endorsed by the top leaders in education, and highly reviewed with a 98% aggregate recommendation rating. We see our program working in economically and culturally diverse schools EVERY DAY.

Learn More About Our Impact HERE.


Thank you to our partners at The Joint Chiropractic and Fox31 for their support.

More About Us

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The change you’re hoping for is ready for you to awaken it.

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