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Anti Bullying Conferences & Keynotes

Conferences and Keynotes

Rachel’s Challenge has spent years listening to educators and administrators, working to understand their needs, concerns, and the difficulties they face. As the people who stand on the front lines working with our youth, education professionals are the experts. We continually use their input to tune our program, and that’s why our keynotes for educational conferences bring down the house with rave reviews, every time.

A little inspiration goes a long way. The same feelings that Rachel’s Challenge brings to students – hope and connection – are just as important and powerful for those who have chosen to teach. By affirming that better school culture is possible, and by helping educators to feel that they are not alone, a Rachel’s Challenge keynote, professional development, or breakout session at your event is the easiest way to lift up your audience and send them home smiling. Check out the reviews, some of which are presented below.

We also have exemplary staff training programs that fulfill professional development requirements, while measurably improving student outcomes. Our Chain Reaction one-day program for adults is personally and professionally transformative, and a great preview of the kind of change schools can expect when they invite Rachel’s Challenge.

The programs listed below are our most popular; if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask. We’ve developed a lot of resources over the years, and can tailor our presentations to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss, and start a Chain Reaction of success for your organization or event today.

RC for Educators

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Conferences we’ve Keynoted

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