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RC Elementary | Successful Anti-Bullying Program for Elementary

Rachel’s Challenge Elementary School packages provide activities, lessons, and age-appropriate content based on the mission of reducing bullying, self-harm, and youth violence.

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You’re Never Too Young for Kindness

Children who are lucky enough to be at the Age of Elementary have a lot to be excited about. Their days are filled with wonder and discovery, plus naps and snacks. And despite the fact that they are learning machines, there is much that they can teach us.

One of the best lessons we can learn from them is the way they enthusiastically embrace – perhaps even stampede – the principle of kindness. The openness that young people have for accepting new things, people, and ideas, makes them powerful agents of good.

But kindness, like so many other skills, is something we learn. We all naturally mirror what we experience, and when we’re young those experiences shape who we are. By inviting young people to practice kindness, and showing them how to connect, we introduce habits that will stick. Habits that they will end up practicing on each other, their families, trees, rocks, cardboard boxes… there’s plenty of kindness to go around. Because that’s the nature of kindness: when it is shared, it spreads (in a good way).

Our successful anti-bullying programs for elementary schools are fun, funny, and maybe a little bit rowdy. Don’t be alarmed if there’s an occasional spike in volume – it’s all part of the plan. And don’t be surprised if a quiet student finds their voice, or former enemies become friends, or if there’s a surge of helping hands at cleanup time. That’s just the plan, doing its thing.

Bringing Kindness Principles to Life in the Classroom

Foundational skills like kindness and compassion are the cornerstone of mental health, behavior management, and creating schools that are free from bullying and violence. By engaging the youngest among us in activities that support positive behavior, we have an opportunity to lean out into the future and shape the world to come.

Rachel’s Challenge’s anti-bullying programs for elementary schools provide activities, lessons, and age-appropriate content based on the life and writings of Rachel Scott, who deliberately reached out to others with kind words and actions, making a huge impact on their lives. 

Packages offer both digital and on-site options to allow program customization and flexibility for your school. Our digital and on-site programs are complementary and completely modular. A school can implement digital programming as an effective follow-up to sustain the momentum of an on-site presentation, or use digital programming to prepare in advance of an on-site assembly.

See more about our live programs and our digital programs, or program overview. And don’t hesitate to contact one of our program representatives to learn more about our solution.

Benefits of Bringing Successful Anti-Bullying Programs into Elementary Schools
  • School-based anti-bullying programs have been shown to be effective in reducing bullying perpetration by approximately 20–23% and bullying victimization by 17–20%. 

  • The implementation of anti-bullying culture shines awareness on bullying, while inviting bullies to become part of the solution, instead of singling them out and labeling them. By extending empathy, we give bullies permission to apologize, participate in kindness, and grow.

  • Fully implemented, Rachel’s Challenge partner schools achieve statistically significant gains in community engagement, faculty/student relationships, leadership potential, and school climate; along with reductions in alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.

What About Anti-Bullying Programs for K-8 / K-12?

We’ve worked with hundreds of K-8 or K-12 schools over the past 20 years. We know that each school is a unique blend of students with a unique set of needs. 

At Rachel’s Challenge, we work hard to deliver age-appropriate content that speaks specifically to the intended audience. To do this in a K-8 or K-12 setting, we make all our elementary, middle school, and high school programs available. That way you can work with your Rachel’s Challenge representative to put together the program that is right for you.

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