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RC Digital | Virtual School Assembly Programs for Bullying

Our Digital Programs

Simple. Flexible. Sustainable. Life-saving.

Since 2001, we’ve been the leaders in live school programs for youth suicide, bullying, and violence prevention. Now we’re leading the charge with our new virtual programming for in-person, hybrid, or fully remote learning environments. Most schools use a combination of both our live and digital programs for a deeper, sustained impact.

Now, more than ever, meaningful connection between students and faculty is critical. With youth suicide rates on the rise, the stakes could not be higher. And with educators facing rapidly changing needs and circumstances, the solution needs to be simple, flexible and sustainable.

We knew we wanted RC Digital to be easy to use. But when we started building RC Digital, we found that some “digital” solutions were clunky, awkward and stressful; the opposite of what good teaching tools should be. So we went back to the drawing board, and designed our own, all-new, custom Learning Management System (LMS) from scratch – to streamline delivery and enable students to learn, and teachers to teach. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it – as we continue to add to our virtual content in the coming months and years, we can be sure that the focus remains on the message, not the medium. (And we’ve got big plans, by the way.)

Rachel’s Challenge Digital is not a capture from a video call. It consists of at least six full weeks of short, daily lessons that are quick and ready to implement with students right away. The accompanying interactive workbooks include easy-to-use tools, activities with reflection prompts, classroom discussions, and Mental Fitness and emotional development activities for remote learning to encourage engagement with your students.

RC Digital is:

Simple. Fast and easy to implement, you’ll be able to put the program to use within minutes.

Flexible. Works in conjunction with your current initiatives or replaces them. Also works with our live programming.

Sustainable. Encourages lasting change.

Life-Saving. The connections you’ll create with your students and that your students will create with each other will help you identify and help at-risk youth.

RC Digital
RC Digital
Which Comes First?

If you’re interested in having on-site programming, but it isn’t currently possible, starting with our digital program is a cost-effective and immediate way to bring the benefits of Rachel’s Challenge to your school. Following up later with a Live program will only strengthen and reinforce the positive culture changes that come from RC Digital.

And when you’ve had RC Live, and want to maintain the “glow” and the momentum for change, RC Digital is a steady, daily dose that compliments the live program without being redundant. Taken together, RC Digital with RC Live is the most effective way to create – and sustain – positive culture in schools.

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