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“Rachel’s Challenge is the most powerful intervention I’ve seen in my 40 years of educational research.”

Dr. Robert Marzano

RC Live | Evidence Based Bullying Prevention Programs

Our Signature Live Programs

Nothing beats the power of Live. There’s a reason why people have been staging shared experiences – from sporting events and theatre, to drum circles and campfires – since the beginning. When a group of people see, hear, and feel the same thing, at the same time, we realize how alike we are. We feel… connected.

When a room full of students share an emotional experience together, a bond is created. Walls come down. Masks come off. They look around the room and see they are not alone, that they just might have more in common than they thought. Some may truly see each other, for the first time.

For over 20 years, Rachel’s Challenge has been bringing life-changing experiences to young people in schools. Our live school assembly programs, trainings, and support programs are a catalyst, inviting reflection and inspiring confidence and hope. Positive connections are formed. The barriers that create isolation and withdrawal break down. School culture shifts.

Rachel’s Challenge provides a variety of on-site school programs that are age-appropriate and modular, including our powerful story presentations, interactive training and sustaining programs and tools for successful school based mental health programs. With over 20,000 schools impacted, Rachel’s Challenge truly is the “story that changes everything.”

RC Live
RC Live
What about NOT Live?

We understand that every school is different, and that live school violence prevention and intervention workshops aren’t always an option. That’s why we’ve created RC Digital, a parallel program of digitally-delivered learning materials and tools that can work stand-alone, or in concert with our live programs to create a complete, end-to-end solution. We’ve designed RC Digital to be complimentary, not redundant; most schools use a combination of both for deeper, sustained impact to stop school violence and improve children’s mental health.

Live Programs

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