About our program offerings

"Rachel's Challenge stimulates academic and social-emotional learning by focusing on the connection between students, faculty and staff." -Curt Pacholke, Principal, Rice Lake High School, Rice Lake, WI

Now, more than ever, meaningful connection between students, faculty, and staff is critical. In today’s world, finding and maintaining that connection needs to be simple, flexible and sustainable.

For 20 years, Rachel’s Challenge has been the leader in bringing hope to students and positive connection to schools; breaking down the barriers that lead to isolation, withdrawal and negative behavior. Our live assemblies, trainings, and support materials offer a proactive, preventative intervention for school violence and self-harm.

Creating a culture of acceptance and relatedness through meaningful connection in our schools will keep students socially and emotionally safe; and will help reduce barriers to learning and achievement.

When students feel safe, when they feel like they belong, they are more connected to each other and the world around them. When they are connected, they are less likely to hurt themselves or others; and they are more likely to achieve academically, socially and emotionally.


Safety + Belonging = Connectedness

Connectedness ≠ Hurting self or others

Connectedness = Academic, social, and emotional achievement


“Rachel’s Challenge is the most powerful intervention I’ve seen in my 40 years of educational research.” -Dr. Robert Marzano

Rachel’s Challenge schools report less harassment and isolation. They see bullying incidents go down and disciplinary referrals decrease. Academic scores improve. Eight school shootings that we know of have been averted. And students, parents and educators report hundreds of  suicides prevented annually.

Understanding the unique challenges administrators and educators face today, we now offer interactive digital programs that accomplish the same effective outcomes we’ve produced in over 17,000 schools nationally. These new digital programs work stand-alone or in tandem with our powerful live presentations for strong, lasting impact.

So, no matter what this school year brings, we have you covered. Our programs will help your students feel safe and connected. Whether adjusting to being back on campus full or part time, or learning remotely; Rachel’s Challenge has the simple, flexible, proven content to bring your school community together with empathy and caring.

Check out our program content, or have one of our program representatives contact you about your specific needs.

Social and Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning Chart

Rachel’s Challenge programs are designed to promote the learned skills of better understanding and management of our own emotions, empathy and appropriate interaction with others, and good decision making; key elements in Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Core Competencies. These core competencies can also be expressed as outcomes or behaviors.

The behaviors that map to SEL are the following:

  1. Understanding and managing emotions
  2. Feeling and showing empathy for others
  3. Making responsible decisions
  4. Establishing and maintaining positive relationships
  5. Setting and achieving positive goals

All of Rachel’s Challenge K-12 programs are designed to address these specific outcomes. Check out our program descriptions to see how Rachel’s Challenge addresses SEL.