The purposes of the Elementary School Packages are to encourage students to use kind words and to do simple acts of kindness through the example of Rachel Scott. 40-minute presentations and follow-up materials will address root problems like isolation, prejudice and bulling in an age-appropriate manner. Rachel Scott is an example of how one person can make a difference to make her school a better place. All topics are presented in an age appropriate, positive language for the elementary-age audience. The Columbine tragedy is NOT mentioned.

The packages are separated into Awaken, Sustain and Immerse to allow programming customization and flexibility for your school. Immerse gives you our complete set of tools and resources to fully implement the Rachel's Challenge vision with high fidelity.

Elementary Program Component Options Awaken Ignite Change Sustain Establish Momentum Immerse All In
One or Two Presentations 
  • Link Up! 
  • Rachel's Challenge Banner
Program Materials 
  • Digital KC Club access
  • Digital 180 Connections Program access
Video Community Event 

Ambassador of Kindness documentary DVD with instructions

On-Demand Professional Development & Training 

The Elementary Program Overview

On-Demand Professional Development & Training 
  • Awaken the Learner – Darrell Scott
  • WhyTry? – Christian Moore
Same-Day Live Community Event  
On-Demand Professional Development & Training 

Strategies to Awaken the Learner - Dr. Robert Marzano

On-Site Professional Development & Training 

Three hours with the RC Elementary Facilitator