Middle School / High School Program

The Middle School / High School Packages encourage participants to take specific steps toward making their own positive legacy a reality. 60-minute presentations and follow-up materials will challenge students and staff to show compassion, learn from their mistakes and forgive themselves and others. Participants examine their own lives in the light of personal challenges – to dream big and start their own chain reaction of kindness and compassion.

The Packages are separated into Awaken, Sustain and Immerse to allow programming customization and flexibility for your school. All three packages contain elements from the Awaken the Learner framework, with the Immerse package containing ALL elements of the ATL program and process. Awaken the Learner gives you the tools, resources and the process road map to fully implement the Rachel’s Challenge vision and system with high fidelity.

Middle School/High School Program Component Options Awaken Ignite Change Sustain Establish Momentum Immerse All In
Two Presentations 

Choose two of three: Story / Challenge / Legacy

Friends of Rachel (FOR) Club 

Training, helpline and materials

Video Community Event 

Ambassador of Kindness documentary DVD with instructions

Same-Day Live Community Event  
Teacher's Kit 

For teachers / students / the school
Simple tools to continue the momentum all year

On-Demand Professional Development & Training 
  • Champion the Chain Reaction - Brad Nye
  • Awaken the Learner - Darrell Scott

Marzano Research-based Survey to assess school climate for strengths and opportunities

On-Demand Professional Development & Training 
  • Strategies to Awaken the Learner - Dr. Robert Marzano
  • WhyTry? - Christian Moore
Chain Reaction Program

Chain Reaction is a separate program from the Awaken, Sustain, and Immerse packages. The Chain Reaction program is usually conducted a short time after a school has had one of the other three packages.