October is National Bullying Prevention Month

Bullying affects everyone: those exhibiting bullying behaviors, the bullied, and the bystanders. For over 20 years, Rachel’s Challenge has been called the premier anti-bullying program in the USA. While it’s true that our comprehensive, school-wide anti-bullying programs and resources are highly effective at creating the cultural change that leads to less bullying behaviors (as well as fewer incidents of school violence and youth suicide), we see ourselves as “pro” a solution, rather than “anti” a problem. We’re “for” things, not “against” things.  We’re for kindness, compassion, respect, reaching out, and helping others. That’s partially why we call our award-winning training for school violence and bullying prevention the “FOR Club” program. By targeting the underlying causes of bullying in a school setting, our school programs not only correct bullying issues, but they prevent them before they start. Check out how Gering Junior High School’s FOR Club addresses these issues in a positive way here.

What is a school anti-bullying program or bullying prevention program? 

Anti-bullying programs and curriculum prevent bullying and cyber-bullying through training and prevention techniques administered to the entire school system including teachers and students. Rachel’s Challenge programs achieve this through teaching empathy, kindness and compassion, instilling and teaching “hope” as a skill, and encouraging deep connections among students and educators.

Anti-bullying resources:

In addition to our Rachel’s Challenge programs and curriculum, there are many excellent anti-bullying resources.

Below are some resources we like from Stopbullying.gov, the CDC, and PACER.org: