Welcome Back to a New School Year!

Thank you educators for all you do to prepare to engage and inspire your new group of students to reach their greatest potential. 

We realize that no matter how much you love your job, your school, and your students, it’s still tough to prepare yourself to go back to school after summer “break.”

Here are some easy tips to help beat the back to school blues. 

Beating the Back to School Blues

1. Plan something fun to do to end the summer.

Go to a concert, plan a spa day, go to a movie, or have a BBQ with friends/family. 

2. Choose a positive theme for the year.

If you start out with a positive mindset, it may just change your whole attitude. 

3. Rearrange and recreate your classroom.

There is something cleansing about starting fresh with a new classroom arrangement, so move those desks and tables around. 

4. Schedule time to relax and disconnect once school starts.

Seriously, put it in your calendar. A little R&R can go a long way. 

5. Spend time reconnecting with your colleagues.

It’s always fun to catch up with your school friends after summer. 

6. Buy something new for your classroom and/or your students.

Add a bean bag or colorful new shelves. Make a special treat for your students for the first day. They will love it! 

7. Better yet…make a wishlist on Amazon or TpT, then post on Twitter.


8. Remember why you became a teacher and celebrate what you do!

You will touch the hearts and lives of your students this year…don’t forget that what you do makes a difference!